CBB’s Andrew Brady And Shane J Respond To Confusion About Their Relationship

As viewers continue to 'ship' them, the CBB housemates have had a conversation about their friendship...

Despite some skepticism about the theme of the current series of Celebrity Big Brother – dubbed as the ‘Year Of The Woman’, many were left wondering just how much it could aid the feminist cause – we think it’s fair to say that the Channel 5 show has helped bring some important topics to the forefront.

There’s no denying that Shane Jenek, also known by his drag queen alter ego Courtney Act, has played a tremendous part in that.

With his considered and articulate explanations of gender issues, his commentary on sexual harassment and women’s rights, and his willingness to be open up about his own world as a drag queen, he’s fast become a revered spokesperson.

For this, he has won over the hearts of the nation. But, at the same time, people also seem to be very invested in his blossoming friendship with Andrew Brady.

Despite the fact that Andrew identifies as a heterosexual male, many viewers have also been shipping the pair.

This has only been increased by the fact that the former Apprentice star has talked about how ‘hot’ Courtney is.

Shane has explained to the public, through the medium of the diary room, that whilst he acknowledges how good looking Andrew is, he has complete respect for the fact that he is a straight man and knows that nothing would ever happen.

In a recent conversation on the show, the pair seem to have put an end to any ‘romance’ chat that’s surrounded them.

Shane told his friend: ‘There’s no funny business going on so it’s not like there’s actually anything going on, but like…

‘I said to [the other housemates] why can’t a gay boy and a straight boy just be friends and have a good time? Why does there have to be any other implications?’

Andrew replied: ‘Shane, if you fancy me, that doesn’t change how I feel about our friendship.’

Shane joked: ‘If you fancy Courtney that doesn’t change how I feel about our friendship either.’

Andrew added, ‘You’re my boy, that’s it, and I have complete admiration for you.

‘When Courtney comes out, I’m like, pow, Shane just got hot!’

He finished: ‘For me, it doesn’t matter what your gender, your sexuality, your age, you know…if you’re a nice person, you’re a nice person.’

We are totally here for this friendship. And we’re in love with the fact that these types of conversations are going on in the house too.