How Andrew Garfield Reacted To Emma Stone’s Oscars Win

This is going to give you ALL OF THE FEELS...

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone might have split in 2015, but that hasn’t stopped pretty much everyone on the internet from shipping them.

Considering they’re both pretty good actors, they’re continuously finding themselves in the same room. You know, rooms like the ones hosting the Golden Globes and the BAFTAs.

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So, of course, when the Oscars rolled around, a lot of eyes were on the pair.

emma stone leonardo dicaprio

Especially when Emma was announced as the winner of Best Actress for her role in La La Land. Something that also saw her earning a kiss on the cheek from Leonardo DiCaprio. Swoon.

After Andrew’s surprise standing ovation (in a sea of seated people, we have to add) at the Golden Globes, we would have been very disappointed if he hadn’t shown his support in some way this time around.

Thankfully, he rose to the occasion. Literally.

Andrew Garfield

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As Emma made her way onto the stage to give her tearful acceptance speech, her former flame could be seen standing and clapping.


Natch, social media jumped on the moment.

In fact, a few even zoomed all the way in on Andrew’s face – and, we have to say, he did look pretty proud.

One user wrote: ‘We all need someone to look at us the way Andrew Garfield looks at Emma Stone…’

He went one step further than that too. Emma Stone took her brother along as her date (bless), and Andrew was reportedly spotted walking over to give him a celebratory hug.

We just can’t.

Will they ever get back together? Or are they just great, great friends?

Either way, we’re so pleased to see that they’re still on such good terms.