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Anchorman 2 Is Coming: Watch The Trailer

Anchorman 2, the most hotly anticipated film is nearly upon us and we’re not going to lie – we are pumped about it.

In Anchorman: The Legend Continues, Ron Burgundy and his motley crew of news hosts are back on our screens to deliver the second intstallment of the most quoted film of the decade. This time, the team are reuniting for the launch of a new 24-hour news channel.

As if the franchise could get any better, the cast will return joined by a ridiculous amount of big names. Possibly our favourite woman in the world, Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig returns as Brick’s love interest but that isn’t even the half it.

The film will also see appearances by Nicole Kidman, Liam Neeson, Amy Poehler, Meagan Good, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kanye West, Drake, Harrison Ford, Tina Fey, Jim Carrey and James Marsden. Sounds pretty good, right?

It opens on 20 December – see you in the queue for popcorn!

By Lucy Hancock

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