Anastacia Opens Up About Her Strictly Injury On This Morning

After tearing her double mastectomy scar earlier in the series, the 48-year-old singer gives us an update on how she'd doing...

Anastacia has spoken out about the injury that blighted her first week on Strictly Come Dancing.

If you cast your minds back, you’ll remember that the 48-year-old singer opted out of a dance-off due to her double mastectomy tearing.

This meant that Melvin Odoom – who’d actually received the lowest number of votes – automatically got sent home.


Anastacia said she was worried to do the dance-off after her injury

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Anastacia appeared on This Morning earlier today, where she explained: ‘The injury happened on Wednesday during an amazing, fabulous rehearsal that Brendan [Cole] and I thought that we were in the Olympics.

‘We were really having a great time. He was throwing me all over.

Anastacia on This Morning

Anastacia appeared on This Morning earlier today

‘He actually went to lift me under my arms and with my surgery that I had for the mastectomy, not only are your pecs here but my lat is also here so in him lifting me, it ripped my muscle and in my ripping my muscle, my muscles are surrounded by a bunch of scar tissue so it hurt.

‘If I had ripped my lat it would have been game over and because I didn’t know which one I had ripped, there was a lot of anxiety about whether I’d need to go through another surgery.

‘I’ve already gone through nine to actually be here and look female. So there were a mixed bag of emotions.’

Anastacia on This Morning

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Luckily, Anastacia didn’t need to undergo an operation. A post later shared on her Instagram page revealed: ‘Anastacia visited the clinic of a specialist in breast reconstruction surgery.

‘The doctor again confirmed that there was a tear in the scar tissue, which although painful is not permanent.’

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However, Strictly bosses are ensuring she takes things easy throughout the rest of the show.

She told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: ‘The next dance, they’re making this arm be more of the Rumba and this arm is doing side stuff.

‘They [the judges] do understand that I may not be able to do a lot of lifts but lifts aren’t mandatory in any dance.


Anastacia is donating her fee to a breast cancer charity

‘They’re allowed in three of the dances in the show. In order to stay, I want to feel like I can compete on a level that everyone else is.’

The singer has battled and beaten breast cancer twice in the past, and her fee from Strictly will be given to a breast cancer charity.

With that in mind, we’re sending her all the luck in the world.