Why Was Anastacia And Brendan Cole’s Strictly Exit Interview So Awkward?

The former Strictly Come Dancing duo appeared on It Takes Two, but viewers couldn't help but notice how icy the atmosphere was...

It was a sad night on Strictly Come Dancing on Sunday, as two of our fave dancers, Anastacia and Brendan Cole, were voted off.

The couple had hardly had an easy ride on the show – Anastacia suffered an injury when her mastectomy scar tore, and then Brendan got hit with a lung infection, leaving him unable to dance the week previously – they were also plagued with rumours that they didn’t go on backstage. Eep.

Still, that’s kind of why we were rooting for them all the more up until the weekend. But alas, it wasn’t their night on Sunday, and after finding themselves in the bottom two with Daisy Lowe and her partner, they were booted off the show.

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Anastacia looked a little peeved with her former Strictly partner...

Anastacia looked a little peeved with her former Strictly partner…

Anastacia and Brendan then appeared on It Takes Two on Sunday night to discuss their exit – but viewers picked up on something odd.

The dancing duo have always deflected rumours that they ‘argued’ a lot behind-the-scenes, but when they were being interviewed by Zoe Ball, the atmosphere was labelled ‘awkward’ and ‘cold’. Eep.

When Brendan was defending their final jive and saying he thought they did a good job, Anastacia butted in by saying: ‘I don’t agree.’

Viewers commented on the 'icy' atmosphere...

Viewers commented on the ‘icy’ atmosphere…

‘I don’t think I really was that great, I mean seriously, thank god I have a day job’, she continued. ‘You have to be real with it, I’m not delusional.’


It then got even more awkward when the singer appeared to make a dig at Brendan, as she said she would be voting the for ‘underdog’ to win, to which Brendan replied: ‘Okay, you do that, but you’re already out…’

Anastacia replied: ‘Remind me more… he called me his ex-partner… he is so bad!’

The dance partners then quickly said ‘Bye’ as the interview ended.

And viewers flooded to Twitter to comment.

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‘Not sure Brendan and Anastacia are the best of friends…. all in what wasn’t said, and the body language; awkward! #ItTakesTwo’, one tweeted.

‘What happened between Anastacia & Brendan.. ugh I can feel the cold feeling between them until Switzerland .. ugh #Strictly #ItTakesTwo’, another noted.

A third wrote: ‘Is it me or the atmosphere was a little tense? Brendan was arrogant enough whereas Anastacia looked so pissed off & sad #ItTakesTwo’.

Ahh well, I guess you can’t get on with everyone, eh? We’re just thankful for all those times they entertained us on the d-floor. Good luck to both of them.