An 18 year old CEO has created a messaging app for deaf people

What were you doing in your spare time as an 18 year old? Most likely preparing the adoption of feigned adulthood as you packed in your A-levels for a brighter future. Mateusz Mach is 18 years old, a CEO and invented the first messaging app for deaf people.

His app, titled Five, has been pumped with a generous $150,000 of funding toward his project. The app started as a fun way to send custom hand signals and messages similar to Sup.

Thanks to massive funding this self-made entrepreneur is taking his product to the next level as: “The world’s first messenger for deaf people”.

Mach initially anticipated the app to take off in the iWatch community for people to send simple pictures and inside-jokes to one another but it unexpectedly transformed into something far more exciting and helpful.

Soon after it was released, Mach was showered in thanks from deaf people using the Five app to communicate in International Sign Language (ISL) which, up until now, no other app could fully support.

When this buzz hit, Mach emailed every start-up funder and venture capital firm in his home country of Poland until he had what he needed to bring Five to a global scale – it’s due for a US release in time, Mateusz told Business Insider.

Amazingly, Mach will continue his studies as well as his position as CEO. With a team of developers and ISL experts in tow, Mach can take a backseat while studying economics in New York City. Again, what were you doing when you were 18?

Now what?