Here’s Why Amy Schumer Won The Whole Golden Globes

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While she may have walked the red carpet as a nominee for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical, you’d be forgiven for thinking Amy Schumer simply attended the Golden Globes to answer questions about her new boyfriend, Ben Hanisch. Amy, accompanied by her sister Kim, dodged some intiial references to her love life by Ryan Seacrest before speaking to People magazine. One of People‘s reporters asked her: “You’ve been so great about sharing with the world the new man in your life. How do you prep someone for entering the fray? Coming to an award show, being on social media…” 

>instagram, thanking him for being her 'after date', aww."> Amy Schumer posted this sweet pic to her instagram, thanking him for being her ‘after date’, aww.


“That’s a great question,” Amy responded, with just a hint of sarcasm. “I definitely didn’t really make a big decision to do that but, er, that’s the case. We’re really happy- I’m not prepared. I’ve never been dating anyone that the public’s really known about but I like that everyone thinks I’ve been single my whole life. They’re like ‘she got her first boyfriend’ I’m like ‘no, I’ve dated people over the years’ but, you know, we’re in love and it’s really exciting. I’m proud that I could share this time with him, go to the White House together…”

Earlier in the day Ben shared a selfie on Instagram, showing he and Amy together with the caption: “So excited for this talented woman tonight!”

> Ben Hanisch shared a photo of himself with girlfriend Amy before the Golden Globes on Sunday night


While Amy lost out on the Golden Globe to BFF Jennifer Lawrence, her red carpet interviews- not to mention her double act on stage with Jen- proved that she was still one of the big winners of the night.


If 2015 left us with any lasting obsessions, the most fervent has to be Amy Schumer. We’re not too proud to admit it. We love her. Not just because she is hilarious and honest and our dream BFF, but also because she’s not afraid to speak out in support of her own beliefs. 

In August 2015, Amy joined her cousin, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, in the fight to end gun violence in America, and has since made her feelings on the subject well known. Giving a tearful speech that came in the wake of a fatal shooting in Louisiana, which took place during a screening of Amy’s film Trainwreck, she said: “Enough is enough… These shootings have got to stop. I don’t know how else to say it… When I heard about this news I was completely devastated.” 

Since then, Amy has been vocal about her opinions on the subject, resulting in a recent trip to the White House to watch President Obama give his own emotional speech on gun control. Social media then experienced a meltdown. Why? Because Amy took her new boyfriend with her.

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> (L-R) Ben Hanisch accompanied Amy to the White House, along with her sister and brother


Amy posted a picture to Instagram showing her arm in arm with her new beau (and her brother and sister) outside the White House, prompting her followers to descend into hysteria as they desperately speculated over who he might be. 

Turns out his name is Ben Hanisch, a furniture designer from Chicago. And one quick glimpse at his Instagram page shows that he’s an absolute babe. He posted a picture of he and Amy together, along with the caption: “Sometimes in life you get extremely lucky, and the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman comes along when you least expect it. Here’s to what adventures 2016 brings!” This is all too much.

> Amy posted this picture with a link to the National MS Society


True to form, Amy has responded to the furore in classic fashion, not only posting a picture of her ‘new boyfriend’ (Obama) but also using the intense interest in her love life to promote a good cause. Posting a picture showing her sitting on her boyfriend’s knee, she simply wrote a caption that included a link to the donation page of the National MS Society (her father suffers from the disease). 

> Amy took her boyfriend with her to the White House


We’ve since found another Instagram post from Ben (yes, we’re on first name terms) showing him with his arm around Amy, simply saying “So proud of this babe!! #StopGunViolence.” We’re pretty sure J-Law will approve. 

Although we’re really happy for her, we hope she continues to use the media scrutiny to do what she does best. Because in case we didn’t mention, we love her. And we’re a tiny bit obsessed.