Amy Schumer Is Joining Madonna On Her World Tour

Madonna and Amy Schumer. Amy Schumer and Madonna. This is one of those incredible pairings that we can’t quite believe is happening. 

Amy Schumer, 34, is the female comedienne we’ve been obessed with since her first Inside Amy Schumer Youtube clip first was first released. Brazen, ballsy and unafraid to tackle any subject (and we mean any – the majority of her stand-up routines are about her own sex life) she’s kind of everything we want to be right now.

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But while usually we’re eagerly awaiting her next sketch – which we can then forward to every woman in the office with the subject line: ‘It’s like she’s talking about us!’ – today’s tweet sent us into frenzy, because Amy Schumer revealed that her major new gig is opening the show for a little lady called Madonna. 

Amy’s tweet read, “Guess who auditioned for @Madonna and got the part? See you in NYC on Sept 16, 17 and 19” with a cute video of her younger self singing along to Madonna’s Like A Prayer. Aw.

> Madonna in her new video



Madonna, 56, who just dropped the video for new track B**ch, I’m Madonna! which stars Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Rita Ora, is touring her Rebel Heart album from Sep 12 but doesn’t reach the UK until December, boo! 

Now, all we really want to know is if Madge can bring Amy to the UK too? Pretty please?