Amir Khan Sparks Debate About Gender Roles On I’m A Celeb

The boxer upset people when he admitted that he's never cooked...

Amir Khan never really cooks a meal for himself.

Whilst it’s kinda hard to imagine that a 30-year-old man would have been able to get through life without touching a saucepan (regardless of the fact that he’s rich and famous), it’s his reasoning behind the fact that’s really upset people.

As you may or may not have guessed, the boxer hinted that he doesn’t have a need to cook because of the female members of his family. Sigh.

Following one of the latest BushTucker Trials, which he completed alongside Georgia Toffolo, he’s been living in the second camp – known as Snake Rock – with the Made In Chelsea star.

Toff decided to take the lead and cook their evening meal.

While this was happening, Amir took the seat in the Bush Telegraph and told the camera that he ‘never really cooks at home’.

Why? Because his sister, wife and mum can do that for him.

Naturally, these comments were not received well on social media.

‘How backwards is Amir. Expects Toff to cook while he watches, says his wife and mum cook for him and then doesn’t think men should show emotion,’ one tweet read.

Another viewer said: ‘“I never really cook at home, I have women for that” Amir gets more irritating with every word that comes out of his mouth. It’s 2017 mate, learn to use a frying pan…’


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