CBB Viewers Are Feeling Sorry For Amelia Lily After Last Night’s Episode

Things came to a screeching halt between The X Factor lady and Sam Thompson...

If you watched Celebrity Big Brother last night, you’ll know that things came to a head between Sam Thompson and Amelia Lily.

Their flirtation was a hot topic when a group of ex-housemates returned for Hijack Day, including Jordan Davies and Brandi Glanville.

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Brandi spoke to Amelia about Sam

We saw Brandi, 44, tell 22-year-old Amelia that Sam was making her look ‘desperate’.

This led Amelia to confront Sam, 25, demanding: ‘Sam what have you said because apparently I’ve been made out to look like a mug now?

‘Why are you taking the p*** out of me?’

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Sam tried to stick up for himself, insisting to Amelia that he’d said ‘lovely things’ about her in the Diary Room. He said: ‘Amelia you’re the last person I’d ever take the p*** out of.’

Amelia continued: ‘It’s funny that Jordan has even said that it doesn’t look good. I look like a t**. I look desperate apparently.’

She started to break down as she added: ‘I’m not desperate or anything like that. I think you’re a really nice guy. You have made my experience.

‘Why am I getting told by everybody in here tonight that I am the one that looks like I’m all for you? I look like a t** now.’

After Sam explained that he wasn’t ready for a relationship – probably due to the fact that he’s currently ‘on a break’ from Made In Chelsea co-star Tiffany Watson – the pair decided to call time on their blossoming romance.

Of course, viewers had a lot of opinions on the situation. And unfortunately for Sam, quite a few thought he was in the wrong.

Tweets included: ‘Catchin up on last nights cbb, feel so sorry for amelia, sam played her so hard #cbb,’ and: ‘I hope when sam leaves the house Tiff doesn’t want him, and when he turns to Amelia she doesn’t want him either. What a pr*** #CBBSam #CBB [sic].’

Eep. However, others were a little more neutral. One fan wrote: ‘I don’t think @SamThompsonUK has done anything wrong! I don’t think Amelia looks like a mug at all either! #cbb #CBBUK [sic].’

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