Amber Turner Responds To THAT Chat Between Chloe Meadows And Ex Jamie

It ALL kicked off on social media after last night's TOWIE show...

Amber Turner sure has made her mark on The Only Way Is Essex so far. She may have only joined recently, but her relationship drama with ex boyfriend Jamie Reed and new flame Dan Edgar has been the talk of the series.

Well, being Megan McKenna’s best friend, we really should have guessed that she’d be a sassy addition to the show.

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Shortly after joining the ITVBe series, Amber split from her long-term man Jamie in the middle of ‘cheating’ allegations (that she has strongly denied) following a trip with the cast.

And last night’s instalment of the reality show saw Chloe Meadows weigh in on the drama.

Chloe Meadows

As the rumours around Amber and Dan continued to rage on, Chloe met with Jamie – and didn’t shy away from sharing her opinion.

She said, ‘I actually feel sorry for Amber because I feel like she’s left a really long term relationship with a lot of things going for it, for something that sportily gonna be no more than sex.’

Chloe, who hasn’t been in the show for that long herself, continued: ‘I just think to be honest, Amber and Dan, but Amber more than anyone, needs to hold her hands up in the air and just be honest about it.’

Jamie, who has opened up about his heartbreak away from the show, replied: ‘Just admit it, just admit it.’

Chloe, mimicking what Amber could say, said: ‘I screwed up, alright? I’ve been staying at Dan’s every night. I like him, what can I say? I can’t help it.’

Jamie hinted that a revelation like this would help him move on, telling Chloe: ‘Exactly, because you can deal with that, you can move on. After four and a half years, I just deserve to have a clean break. You deserve a bit of respect, you don’t deserve this.’

As the episode aired, Jamie tweeted: ‘Some people create their own storm and then get upset when it rains!! Thanks @Chloemeadows for being a friend.’

Amber, who was clearly watching the conversation unfold from home, took to Twitter and heavily hinted at how it had made her feel.

The ITVBe lady retweeted a comment from a viewer that seemed to question Chloe’s ‘loyalty’.

Chloe also took to the social media site to share a cryptic quote about ‘speaking the truth’.

Hmm. We don’t see this drama dying down any time soon.