Amber And Chloe’s TOWIE Argument Continues On Social Media

Amber Turner and Chloe Meadows came head-to-head during Sunday night's show. And it seems that the internet had some feelings...

Amber Turner and Chloe Meadows were definitely heading for a dramatic The Only Way Is Essex-style confrontation. And Sunday night’s episode definitely brought it.

After newcomer Amber, who just so happens to be Megan McKenna’s best friend, split with her boyfriend of four years, every super-manicured finger was pointing firmly at her newfound flirtationship with Dan Edgar.

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‘Cheating’ rumours began when the pair were on a cast trip, without Amber’s then-boyfriend Jamie Reed, although both have fiercely denied the claims.

After returning to the UK, Amber ended her relationship and has since been hanging out with Dan.

But after Chloe Meadows met up with old friend Jamie to offer some advice, it was only a matter of time before things were going to get a little awkward for the TOWIE girls.

Chloe Meadows

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Coming face-to-face in a bathroom during a night out (well, isn’t that where all of the drama usually goes down?) the girls confronted one another, in scenes that aired on ITVBe on Sunday.

It soon became clear that Amber was not happy about Chloe’s conversation with her ex, and it all got pretty heated. In fact, both girls reached shouting level, and then Amber – much to the annoyance of viewers on social media – started ‘shh’-ing her former friend.

Amber Turner

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Quite a few noticed the moment and had something to say about it on Twitter. Fan reactions included: ‘Seriously who is this amber girl? Why come up to someone to talk then shh them and not let them speak? Just plain rude #towie @Chloemeadows’ and ‘…how can that Amber T go to talk with Chloe M then shh her and not let her say a word?🙄 no personality & patronising😂😂’ [sic].

In fact, fellow reality star Kady McDermott also added: ‘Wow as if that amber shhhh @Chloemeadows in the face so rude and patronising ew ew ew’.

Chloe, who had spoken to Jamie about the situation a few days earlier, also took to her own social media account to add: ‘Be careful who you kick on your way up… they kick you twice as hard on your way back down 🖤’.

Former TOWIE babes Ferne McCann and Danielle Armstrong also weighed in on the dramz.

Ferne wrote: ‘No way should @Chloemeadows be ssssshhh’d ! Babe your such a lovely, genuine person !! 💜’. In fact, Amber’s ex Jamie also retweeted this sentiment.

Danielle, who left the series most recently, also shared Ferne’s message and added: ‘Was about to say the same… you done well there babe. Be strong no more tears 😘’.

The Only Way Is Essex continues on Wednesday.