We Don’t Think TOWIE’s Amber Turner Should Read These Tweets

Some viewers are already calling for the Essex lady to be axed...

It’s safe to say that Amber Turner’s caused quite a stir on the most recent series of TOWIE.

Despite having only been introduced last month, we’ve already seen her break up with boyfriend Jamie Reed, hook up with co-star Dan Edgar and then split with Dan. Keeping up?

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Jamie Reed

Amber Turner split from Jamie Reed, before moving on with Dan Edgar

And unfortunately for Amber, it doesn’t sound as though people will be forgetting this dramz anytime soon.

She’s now been accused of ‘using’ Dan for airtime, with a source telling The Sun: ‘It’s really unfair what has happened to Dan and people can clearly see she used him for storylines.

‘She’ll do anything to get more airtime and this time it has backfired. Dan is a nice guy and itโ€™s not on that he’s treated like this.’

Eeeep. The backlash has since gone even further, with some viewers calling for her to be axed after just one season.

Tweets include: ‘Love @OnlyWayIsEssex but this needs to be the only series to feature @AmberTurner_x & @YazminOukhellou,’ ‘The award for bore of the series goes to @AmberTurner_x,’ and: ‘Just get rid of @AmberTurner_x [sic].’

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We can’t imagine this kind of talk is pleasant for Amber to hear. After all, it was just last week that she was said to be ‘struggling to cope’ with the criticism.

An insider said: ‘Amber is usually a very private person. Having her romance with Dan play out in the public eye has been very difficult for her.

‘She has no regrets about her relationship with Jamie ending โ€“ but she is struggling to deal with nasty comments from fans.

‘This week has been especially difficult, with Amber even breaking down in tears as a result of the situation.’

Happily, she still has plenty of fans on her side. One Tweeted after Sunday’s show: ‘@AmberTurner_x the price of fame can sting! we all loveย  amber! Sticking by @Megan_Mckenna_ is such a lovely thing to do ๐Ÿ™,’ while another wrote: ‘Just caught up on @OnlyWayIsEssex I love @AmberTurner_x loyalty to @Megan_Mckenna_ that’s what friends are meant to be like [sic].’

Perhaps this is a good time to remind everyone that it’s just a TV show, eh?