Piers Morgan Makes Things Awkward For Amber Davies’ Sister On GMB

Jade Davies appeared on today's show to talk about her sibling's Love Island win...

We get it, Piers Morgan. You don’t like Love Island.

The 52-year-old got eyes rolling across the country when he sparred with ex-contestant Jonny Mitchell on Good Morning Britain earlier this month.

Then this week, he argued with narrator Iain Stirling. *Sigh*.

Jonny Mitchell on Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan had an awkward chat with Jonny Mitchell last week

Now he’s gone a step further, making a dig at winner Amber Davies’ older sister Jade on today’s show.

Going straight in for the kill, he began: ‘Can I ask you, Jade. When you’re watching your little sister romping on national television, basically spending her entire time in bed with some bloke she picked up… Does it not make your skin crawl?’

Jade, 24, held her own, replying: ‘Not necessarily. I look away at the points that I need to look away…’

Good Morning Britain

Amber Davies’ older sister appeared on Good Morning Britain today

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Piers continued: ‘You must have looked away the entire time. Do you not wish you were celebrating [Amber] winning a doctorate from a university, for science or something?’

Again, Jade stayed dignified. She said: ‘I think everyone’s different, aren’t they? This is what Amber wanted to do, and I’m her…’

Piers interrupted: ‘What does she actually want to do? Make money? Be famous? Or genuinely fall in love?’

Jade Davies on Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid praised Jade Davies for the way she reacted to Piers’ line of questioning

At this point, Piers’ co-host Susanna Reid accused him of being hypocritical, due to his background in judging reality TV shows.

But he argued: ‘There’s a whole culture developing in the world of reality television where people will do just about anything to have their 15 minutes of fame.

‘I picked people with real talent, and what’s that got to do with having sex on TV?’

Amber and boyfriend Kem Cetinay were announced as Love Island winners last night

He then turned his attentions back to Jade, asking: ‘What does your father think, seriously?’ to which she said: ‘He supports her 100% of the way. If his daughter wants to do that, then he’ll support her.’

Susanna, 46, praised Jade for staying calm, telling her: ‘Jade, I applaud your class and grace this morning in the face of Piers Morgan.’

But that didn’t stop Piers from getting one last word in. He claimed he was in the running to enter the villa next year, joking that producers think he’s ‘just what the show needs – someone with a brain’.

Jade Davies' Instagram

Jade spoke out about Piers on Instagram

Susanna quipped in return: ‘It’ll get you away from us for two months,’ and luckily, Jade didn’t seem to take his comments to heart.

She later captioned an Instagram snap of herself on set: ‘Another gorgeous morning talking about my baby sis winning LOVE ISLAND! Piers is a little s*** but just kill them with kindness is what I say 💁🏻😉🌴💫 [sic].’

You tell ’em, lady.