Amber Dowding Opens Up About Suffering From A Mystery Illness

The TOWIE star has been having a difficult time over the past few weeks...

TOWIE‘s Amber Dowding has revealed that she’s suffering from a debilitating illness, and that doctors are struggling to find a diagnosis.

The 24-year-old missed filming for the new series in Marbella after being hit with ‘uncontrollable vomiting’, spending most of her time in her hotel room with boyfriend Chris Clark.

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She tells The Sun: ‘I’ve been ill since I flew out to Bali last month. I don’t feel sick all the time, it comes on in waves. I start gagging and heaving and then I’m sick. Then I’ll be alright for a while before it starts all over again.

‘When I flew out to Marbella for TOWIE I got sick again which was horrible. I didn’t eat much and I didn’t drink any alcohol because it would make me vomit.

‘The TOWIE team took me to hospital for tests, I gave blood and urine samples and they all came back fine. I just want a specialist to give me some answers. I want tests to find out what has happened.’

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She continues: ‘Everyone at TOWIE has been so great and everyone rallied around me.

‘My family are worried. Chris and my family always call me drama queen but after seeing me being sick so much and seeing how poorly it makes me, I think they know I’m being serious and they want me checked out.

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‘Chris has been really good and he’s been taking care of me.

‘There is a history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in my family. My dad had a perforated bowel and he had a colostomy bag fitted – it’s worrying for me because it is hereditary and I want know if that’s happening to me.’

We hope Amber gets some answers soon. Sending you lots of love, lady.