TOWIE’s Amber Dowding Speaks Out On Chris Clark’s Relationship With Jesy Nelson

After the TOWIE lad was accused of 'using' the Little Mix star, his lady has jumped to his defence...

We have to say, Amber Dowding and Chris Clark’s romantic reunion came as a bit of a surprise.

Not that we didn’t find the former couple totally adorable when they were loved-up but, following their break-up, Chris seemed to be pretty besotted with his Little Mix beau Jesy Nelson. We mean, did you see all of the comment-swapping on Instagram?

Anyway. If you’re a seasoned TOWIE fan, you’ll probably know that Chris and Jesy are no more and that he’s now dating his former girlfriend Amber D.

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Chris Clark Jesy Nelson

After their reunion played out on the ITVBe reality show, Little Mix fans were left pretty unimpressed by the Essex lad.

During one recent episode, Chris could be seen telling his friend Myles that he was now ‘single’. Speaking about his meeting with his former lady, Amber, he said: ‘At the end of the day, I’m a human being, I do have feelings, and I do care for the girl.

‘I always have done, and I always will do. I think these past weeks make me realise that I thought I was over her, I did think that. And maybe I’m not so sure no more.’

After the show aired, fans wasted little time in jumping on Twitter and blasting the TOWIE star, with comments like ‘Chris used jessy for press & now he’s going back to amber to get more airtime in towie …. poor jessy!!! [sic]’ surfacing.


Chris Clark and Amber Dowding

Chris Clark and Amber Dowding went on a date on TOWIE

It seems as though Amber is less than impressed by the accusations. Speaking out about the situation in a new interview, she said: ‘We don’t talk about her…’

She continued to defend her man to New! magazine: ‘He doesn’t have bad intentions. He’s not that sort of person. To be honest, I don’t really see what he would have got from using her.’

Amber Dowding

And it doesn’t stop there.

After one LM fan aimed a tweet at the reality babe, she couldn’t help but hit back.

Amber cryptically tweeted: ‘Would love to know how they’re great pretenders … it proper gets me down when people slate relationships for the fun of it. Nasty.’

The fan responded: ‘What would you know about relationship when you and @ChrisJClark_  just used @LittleMix Jessie to raise your own Z list profile??’


Amber replied:  ‘1. I wasn’t in a relationship with her LOL. 2. Go to bed your boring [sic].’

The fan didn’t finish there, though, as they finished: ‘Hit a nerve’.