Amber Davies Sparks A Debate With Her Five ‘Rules’ About Casual Sex

The Love Island lady reeled off her code of conduct for BBC Radio 5 live...

Love Island‘s Amber Davies has found herself at the centre of a pretty big Twitter debate, thanks to a video about casual sex.

Because, apparently, we still live in an era where we are being judged for our sexual activity, the reality star can be seen reeling off five ‘rules’ that she advises we should be living by – including a ‘no sex’ rule on a first date, in order to hold onto our ‘self respect.’


‘Rule number one is no sex on the first date… If you don’t know the person, don’t have sex with the person, it’s all about self respect,’ she said to camera.

She continued with rule two: ‘If there’s alcohol involved ask yourself, are you going to regret it in the morning because when you’re under the influence of alcohol you become a lot more vulnerable, male and female.’

‘Don’t think sex is to impress,’ she said of rule number three. ‘I think females and males would be a lot more impressed if you don’t put out on the first date.’

As for rule four? ‘We are absolutely binning the saying “no strings attached” or “friends with benefits” us females we all know we get emotionally attached after sex, so if you don’t want to get hurt, don’t do it.’

That’s a pretty bold and sweeping statement, eh?

Finally, she told fans to stick up for themselves rather than feeling pressured into having sex because their friends are doing it. This is something we can get behind.

Naturally the video, which was published to Twitter, got quite a big response – mostly from people criticising her comments.

One viewer wrote: ‘This video is more damaging than casual sex… Here’s a message to young women, as long as it’s consensual and you’re happy, have as much casual sex as you want!

‘It absolutely doesn’t equate to how much self-respect you have.’

Another added: ‘Surely, providing it’s all legal, consensual and safe people can have as much sex as they want?’

Seeing the response, the LI lady has spoken out on Twitter.

‘Guys there is no wrong or right answer to casual sex. I was invited on to BBC five live to debate the matter. I am glad I had the opportunity to discuss this, and I’ve learnt a lot and it was great to hear people views and opinions!

‘The rules are persanol [sic] to me and I appreciate everyone is different,’ she said. ‘We spoke about losing virginity and using sex as some form of revenge it’s a lot deeper than just discussing causal sex. So go have a listen on their catch up…’

She later responded to a fan who had defended her, saying: ‘I can never do right darling…’

Influencer Hannah Witton, who was also on air with Amber, later joined in the social media conversation to share her own take on the rules.

If nothing else, at least this has sparked a discussion.