This Is How Titanic Was Actually Supposed To End


UPDATE: If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably seen the Titanic roughly 38921 times and know the ending off by heart. But just in case you haven’t, here’s what happens: Rose drops the Heart Of The Ocean necklace off the side of the boat before she dies which then goes into a flashback of her and Jack dancing. With us?

Well, Jezebel has brought an alternative ending to light and it’s all very, very odd.

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Rose chucks the necklace into the sea as usual, but rather than the dramatic flashback that made the final cut, Brock Lovett (the one whose hand she snatches the necklace from) and the other guys fall into fits of laughter. Erm?

22/3/16: Imagining anyone other than Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson in Titanic hardly bares thinking about.

I mean, who could have carried off that steamy car scene with so much boyish charm? Who could’ve drawn Rose like ‘one of those French girls’ would cracking a smile? No one, that’s who!

But that didn’t stop Leo’s fellow actors auditioning for the part. And, as it turns out, one very famous funny man actually came pretty close to landing the part…

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The man in question? Paul Rudd. And he wanted the part bad – really bad.

‘I really wanted to get the part because my dad was a Titanic historian,’ he said, explaining ‘He used to take people all over the world talking about the Titanic.’ And when it came to researching the part, Paul pulled out all stops.

‘I went in there talking about what steel they used and where it was built and they were like, “None of this matters!”’ he quipped. N’aww, poor Pauly.  We wonder if Rose would’ve made room for him on that floating door…

Don’t worry Jack, we’ll never let go!