Alternative New Year’s Eve Ideas For People With JOMO

Not bothered about going out on New Year’s Eve? You may have a serious case of JOMO.

If you don’t know what that is, it stands for Joy Of Missing Out.

It’s basically the exact opposite of FOMO, and perfectly describes those of us who are more than happy to check out everyone’s nightclub/theme party/firework display NYE Instagram snaps from the comfort of our own homes.

But even if you do prefer staying in, you’ll probably want to mark the occasion in some way. Here are some ideas…

1) Settle down for a movie marathon

Invite your pals over, get into your pyjamas and indulge in plenty of snacks.


2) Give yourself a pamper sesh

Start with a good exfoliate and full-body moisturise before moving onto a face mask, mani and pedi.

If you fancy getting extra luxurious, dig out your old foot spa.

3) Help your community with some
charity work

Now’s the time to find out which organisations could do with a helping hand in your local area.


Instagram: @naileditczestochowa


4) Cook up a feast

Or choose a theme and ask guests to each bring a part of the meal.

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5) Keep it simple and watch some TV

You may not be bothered about travelling to London to see the fireworks, but they’re still pretty spectacular on the small screen.

Plus, you’ll be a lot warmer.


6) Reflect on the past year

Write a list of all the things you’ve enjoyed over the past 12 months. It’ll help you put things into perspective.

This is also a good chance to note down some New Year’s resolutions.

7) Put on a
murder mystery evening

The killer should be revealed as the countdown ends.


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8) Find some inner peace with a spot of meditation

While everyone else is so busy, now may be a good time for you to switch off. Exercise can also help with this.

9) Hold a board games party

This can be fun with either family or friends. If it’s the latter, a few alcoholic bevs will liven things up.

Get cracking on that Netflix series you’ve been desperate to start

Warning: You may get too engrossed to even notice the clock striking midnight.


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11) Make your own cocktails

It’s a much more sophisticated way to celebrate NYE than chugging doubles down the pub.

12) Have a tidy

You’ll feel great waking up on 1 January in a sparkling home.


13) Just go to sleep

Ah, whatever. Maybe you’ll organise something next year?!