This Alternative Friends Ending Has Really Split Opinion

Friends is just one of those things that you take for granted, right?

We all grew up watching the love blossom between Ross and Rachel (she’s his lobster!), we felt the emotion of being a (distant) part of such a tight-knit friendship group and we laughed at Joey and Chandler’s typical ‘guy’ antics (until Monica came along and sorted him out, that is).

We even learned to understand Phoebe’s quirky ways. The story is a given. And we can still pretty much recite every episode. 

Then this alternative ending came along.  And we don’t think we’ll ever see the show in the same way again. 

Obviously, this is a fan theory, and it doesn’t change the 236 episodes (skills) that we know and love. But it will definitely make you think.   

Just have a little read for yourself: 

The tweet didn’t take long to go viral. And opinions were completely divided. 

Many thought it was superbly well thought out, with one tweeting simply “tragic but I can sort of see it”, and many classing it as “genius”. 

Others were pretty upset by the (possible) revelation that nothing was quite as it had seemed.


Some went along with it, with one user pointing out: “Oh my goodness, so could this mean that her husband Mike really is a bag of crap?!”


The more we think about it, the more it starts to make so much sense. 

Whether you’re a fan of the theory or not, you can’t deny it’s been thought out with a lot of detail… 

Fade to black. 

By Laura Jane Turner