Alison Hammond Admits She’s ‘Embarrassed’ By Her Weight

Alison Hammond is one of our favourite TV faces, and whether she’s interviewing A-listers on This Morning or entertaining us on Instagram, she always seems to have a smile on her face.

But in a candid new interview, the 41-year-old has addressed her weight, and admits that she’s ’embarrassed’ by it.

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‘I know how much I weigh, but I’m so embarrassed by it I can’t say,’ she told Bella, before revealing that she’s around ’20-something stone.’

Alison, who had a gastric band fitted back in 2006 before her body rejected it, went on to confess that her size is a constant struggle for her.

‘It’s the one thing in my life that I feel like I can’t achieve’, she said. ‘When you get really big like me, you don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.’


The Loose Women star said she’s trying to make ‘small changes’, however, and has even got her son Aiden to help by hiding naughty treats from her in the house.

And by the sounds of it, she’s turning a corner and getting focused on getting fit – after attending a fitness camp recently and losing ten pounds and 22 inches off her body, she’s got a new goal in sight.

‘I’d love to weigh 12 stone, that’s the ideal weight for my height – I’m 5ft 9in – but if I got to 15 stone and around a size 14 to 16 I’d be over the moon’, she said.

We think Ms Hammond looks gorgeous, just the way she is. But we’re all for healthy lifestyle changes, so you go girl!