Alik Alfus Returns To Made In Chelsea With A New Look

Helloooo, Alik Alfus!

We’ve missed our favourite cheeky New York chappy since he left our Made In Chelsea screens after his emotional break-up with Louise Thompson.

But guys, he’s back! Because we’ve spotted him with the MIC crew in Cannes, and we all know what that means…

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> Someone’s looking trim, eh?!


The gang have all been busy filming the summer spin-off in the South of France for weeks now, and Alik’s suddenly made a surprise appearance in Sam Thompson’s Instagram account.

So, we can only guess that him and Weez are giving it another go… Hooray!

But Alik’s reappearance on Instagram is being commented on for another reason, that doesn’t involve Louise… Because excuse us, has someone had a break-over?!

> MIC’s Alik has returned to the show with a sexy new break-over…


Fans couldn’t believe how different Alfus looked in the Cannes Instagram pictures – yes, he’s still got that deep tan and those floppy locks, but he’s definitely looking a little… sexier.

‘Erm is Alik looking [fire emojis] here or is it just me?’ one MIC fan commented underneath one of Alik’s smouldering selfies.

> Alik’s been spotted in Cannes on Sam Thompson’s Instagram account…


‘Wow he’s lost weight…looks dreamy’, gushed another.

‘He’s lost sooooooo much relationship weight’, said a third.

We do have to agree – Alik is looking HOT. Now we just have to wait and see what on earth’s going down with him and Louise…

> Have Alik and Louise rekindled their romance?!