Alik Alfus Thinks Louise Thompson May Have Cheated On Him…

The Made In Chelsea star has spoken out about his ex and her new man Ryan Libbey...

Alik Alfus has spoken out about Louise Thompson – and he does not sound happy. Eep.

If you tuned into this week’s Made In Chelsea: South Of France, you’ll know that Louise, 26, has gone public with personal trainer Ryan Libbey.

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louise thompson ryan libbey

Louise Thompson is now dating Ryan Libbey

Now Alik has claimed that he had no idea his ex had moved on, telling The Sun: ‘Louise never told me she had a f***ing boyfriend. It was a big shock.

‘She said she would quit Made In Chelsea to be with me and then a week later – after an awesome trip away with my family – she ended things.

‘She was quite possibly with the new guy while she was with me. I was thousands of miles away.

louise thompson

‘It was very shocking and scary that someone I was prepared to spend the rest of my life with was capable of leaving me so quickly.’

Hmmm. Now, there’s no proof that Louise cheated. But she did appear on Ryan’s Instagram page (looking kinda cosy…) way back in April.

According to reports, she dumped Alik in May.

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Whatever the case, we imagine the whole story will be coming out soon. On Monday’s episode, we’ll see Alik jet out to Cannes to spend some time with Louise.

But unfortunately for the New Yorker, he’ll find that Ryan is already there. Awkward, much?!

He continues: ‘She invited me out to France and then I found out she was f***ing this new guy.

‘She had broken up with me; I had lost a load of weight. But I’ve grown from that experience and unfortunately I am stronger than Louise – she didn’t allow herself to have any alone time at all.

‘A lot of her true colours have revealed themselves in the last few months. She was not real enough, she has a lot of issues and that was too much for what I needed in my life.’

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Blimey. You can take the cast out of SW3…