The Awkward BAFTAs Kiss Cam Moment You *Didn’t* See

Last night’s BAFTAs happened to fall on Valentine’s Day, so OF COURSE the ceremony was going to be full of romantic moments.

To make sure everyone got in the mood for lurrrve, host Stephen Fry whipped out one of America’s greatest traditions – the Kiss Cam. Ooh.

Stephen Fry got cheeky with his hosting duties


Stephen, 58, chose various A-listers to partake in a spot of smooching, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Maggie Smith (AMAZING) and Cuba Gooding Jr. and Stanley Tucci.

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The couples reacted with various degrees of enthusiasm. Some opted for a polite peck on the cheek and others went for Hollywood-worthy faux snogs.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Maggie Smith’s kiss was adorbs


Leo and Maggie and Cuba and Stanley went for the former, while Julianne Moore and Bryan Cranston indulged in something a little more racy.

Rebel Wilson and Eddie Izzard outdid them all, going in for a full-on pash session. Crikey.

Rebel Wilson and Eddie Izzard went ALL OUT. Crikey


But there was one pairing that reportedly flat-out refused to take part at all.

This was Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender, the only real-life couple Stephen focused in on.

Although the stars have been dating since 2014, they’re famously private in their relationship. And that wasn’t about to change last night.

Michael Fassbender looked hawt (as ever)


They allegedly were having none of it, failing to lock lips and leaving Stephen hanging. Awks. So awks, in fact, that it was cut out of the BBC One broadcast of the show.

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We’re pretty sure this wasn’t because Michael didn’t want to kiss his other half. She looked stunning in a leather Louis Vuitton gown, which featured delicate silver embellishments.

Alicia Vikander wowed in leather


And he was just as dapper in a classic tux. HELLO.

We bet they enjoyed a big ol’ smooch after the ceremony, eh?