Alfie Deyes Denies That He And Zoella Have Broken Up

Wait… what’s happened between Zoella and Alfie Deyes?

Well, nothing, apparently. But that’s not what some fans thought when Alfie, 22, posted a solo selfie to Instagram yesterday.

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This photo of Alfie Deyes ended up being the subject of speculation


For some reason, they’d decided the fact that Alfie was posing alone meant that he and Zoella – real name Zoe Sugg – have ended their relationship. Er.

Alfie quickly took to Twitter to clear up the speculation, and it’s safe to say that he was NOT impressed.

The YouTuber wrote: ‘People causing drama on my Instagram as usual…nope Zoe and I haven’t broken up!

Alfie Deyes took to Twitter to clarify things last night


‘Instagram comments are the worst. I might just turn them off so no one can comment on my photos :/.’

So why did this speculation come about? We mean, it’s not exactly the first time that Alfie has posted a photo of himself without his girlfriend.

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Zoella and Alfie Dyes are one of YouTube’s golden couples



And the whole point of his post was to advertise his merchandise, writing the caption: ‘I bumped into so many of you wearing my @PBMerch today! Have you ordered any yet?’

But it appears as though some people have got it into their heads that Zoe’s actually dating her pal Tyler Oakley. Riiight.

Tyler Oakley ended up wading into the conversation


Tyler – who’s openly gay – responded to Alfie’s frustrated Tweets yesterday with: ‘omg they’re hilarious it’s people always yelling at each other about how i’m dating zoe.’

Alfie replied: ‘haha okay apparently you’re dating Zoe & I’m kissing other girls and we’ve broken up…instagram’s a stupid place.’

Zoella is good friends with Tyler Oakley


Zoe, 26, then got involved in the conversation, although she didn’t seem to be taking it too seriously.

She added: ‘@tyleroakley @pointlessblog I love this. People will forever believe we actually dated. Does that mean I can call you an ex?’

Alfie Deyes and Zoella seem as loved-up as ever. Aw


Tyler, 27, joked back: ‘i’m your one that got away™.’

Lolz. Glad to hear everything’s good between you two, Alfie.