Alfie Deyes Sparks Rumours Of A Proposal To Zoella

OMG. Is Zoella about to get engaged?!

The rumourmill went wild yesterday afternoon after her boyfriend blogger Alfie Deyes posted a cryptic Twitter message to his 3.14 million followers.

‘I think today is the day it’s going to happen’, he tweeted. And, of course, Zalfie fans soon went into overdrive trying to guess what he might be talking about. 

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zoella Zoella and Alfie have been dating since 2013…


(And you can imagine the number one conclusion they all jumped to).

‘Zoe’s getting pregnant? Or you’re proposing?’, one fan questioned. 

Another wrote: ‘Do you mean [ring emoji]?’

alfie deyes proposing What could it meeeean?!


Zoella and Alfie live together in Brighton with pug Nala, and have been dating since August 2013 (well, that’s when they announced their relationship, anyway). So it’s an understandable assumption that marriage might be on the cards sometime in the future…

Still, we weren’t convinced. If Alfie were about to propose, would he really go spoiling the surprise with a big ol’ hint on social media?! We think not.

And his follow-up tweet seemed to make it pretty obvious that it was not about getting down on one knee.

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zoella and alfie deyes Alfie and Zoella are looking happier than ever right now


‘The ‘thing’ just we wait until tomorrow to find out the result!’ he wrote. Hang on, so Zoella’s taking a whole day to decide whether or not to say ‘yes’? We don’t think so.

At least we’ll know for sure today, as Deyes then wrote: ‘You’ll see what I’m talking about in tomorrow’s vlog.’

Phew! We’ll be waiting with baited breath!