Alexa Goddard - our new music crush

Alexa Goddard Releases Her Amazing New Single…

Alexa Goddard has been on our radar since her debut single last summer – catchy pop-tune ‘Marilyn.’

Now the singer – think Pixie Lott meets Aaliyah – is back with a brand new track, ‘We Broke The Sky’, showing off her soul and R&B influences. The Surrey-born singer is set for stardom with the new track, which she co-wrote superstar songwriter, Kirby Lauryen (who has worked for artists from Ariana Grande to Rihanna).

“The sound that I’m going for is definitely pop, but I’m very influenced by R&B too,” she tells LOOK. “I’m a huge fan of Destiny’s Child, TLC and old soul singers like Donny Hathaway.”

“I’d had a few conversations with Kirby about what I wanted to express in the song [We Broke The Sky] and one of them was about what my parents have been through,” Alexa tells us. “My dad passed away 18 months ago. So the song’s really about getting through things you didn’t think possible. Getting to a place you didn’t imagine.”

Alexa Goddard Alexa Goddard’s new single ‘We Broke The Sky’


The song is taken from her upcoming studio album, which she’s been busily recording in Los Angeles over the last year. “I feel like I’ve grown a lot as an artist,” Alexa Says. “It’s been a total whirlwind.”

The 26-year old singer is full proof that YouTube can be a fruitful beginning for budding singers. Alexa set up her own channel in 2010, and by April 2011, she’d already garnered 11 million views and 56,000 subscribers. “I really just wanted to put myself and singing out there,” she says. “It’s a great platform for new artists trying to be heard.” As her fan base grew, Jay-Z’s record label, Roc Nation, took notice and last year signed a five-album record deal with the rising star. Go Alexa!

Check out heartfelt new single We Broke The Sky, out tomorrow…

By Emma Firth