Alexa Chung Lets Us Look Inside Her Doodle Book

Alexa Chung has allowed us to delve inside her doodle book ahead of the release of her debut eye make-up range for Eyeko.

Launching this Thursday at Selfridges, Alexa’s first ever foray into the beauty realm comes in the form of a limited-edition ‘Eye Do’ eyeliner and mascara set. And now, we take a look at where the British beauty’s brilliant eye-deas all began…

Featuring dainty doodles of human and feline faces, the 30-year-old British style icon’s sketch pad is super cute, and sums up Alexa’s quirky off-beat personality to a T.

‘My approach to Eyeko in terms of inspiration was to look at iconic beauties of eras goneby and study their approach to make up’, Alexa explains. ‘This involved a lot of staring at pictures of Bardot and Twiggy and Sophia Loren.

‘Also images of cats, imagery in general from the sixties and then that pointed me in the direction of London being the epicenter of cool in the swinging sixties’

‘The London Underground, buses, mods, all of it. The colour blue was a ref to Picasso and the stars were literally because I was thinking of night time looks. I worked with Alia Penner who is one of my favorite artists and she really pieced everything together.

‘Her own paintings and art work are also incredibly inspiring, colorful, young, fun and extremely imaginative. I wanted to create an Eyeko world.’

Love love love.

Alexa will be launching her limited-edition eye set for Eyeko at Selfridges, Oxford Street, London this Thursday November 14 at 7pm – come join us at the party!

By Robyn Munson

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