Alexa Chung Reveals The One Item Of Clothing She Would *Never* Wear

If there is one person we trust when it comes to fashion advice it’s Alexa Chung.

Since finding fame on Popworld back in the early noughties, Alexa has inspired us to embrace a whole host of trends from brogues and smock dresses to peter pan collars and denim cut-offs.

> A signature ‘Alexa’ look

But according to a new interview there’s one thing the queen of street style won’t be seen dead in: a going-out top. Remember when cocktail attire was as simple as throwing on a sparkly top, a pair of jeans and some sky high-heels? Well, the humble going-out top is having a bit of a resurgence and Alexa isn’t happy about it.

Speaking to fellow fashionista Leandra Medine (of Man Repeller fame), on her chat-show style podcast Oh Boy, the model and TV presenter waxed lyrical about her dislike for this one piece of clothing.

> Alexa and Leandra

Alexa said: “There’s something about a going-out top that really upsets me… I don’t know, I just don’t like it. It seems really like— I went into Isabel Marant yesterday and she has some beautiful things. I saw this red blouse, and I was like, that’s so nice! But then ugh, it’s so like ‘You wear that with jeans’.”

Clearly not a fan of this throwback trend the star commented: “I feel like its quite ’90s, and maybe that’s cool but, like, you’d always wear your ‘top’. I want to make things look interesting together. I don’t want it to be so spelled out already that you can just—the detail’s there, you just put the thing with it.”

> Alexa knows how to do standout street style

Although Alexa now feels confident dishing out the fashion advice her looks haven’t always been on point. When Leandra brings up the ‘cycling shorts outfit’, Alexa recalls this being the moment when she knew she had taken it too far.

“[When] I started getting invited to fashion shows and it seemed like I could do no wrong in terms of what I was wearing. So I got really, like, bigheaded and thought, you know what, I can start trends. This can happen. So then I started experimenting a bit more and the cycling shorts was the moment I realized that’s not what was going on at all… Everyone was like, ‘What the fuck are you doing?!’ and I was like, aww shit.”

It’s good to know that even the most stylish have had some fashion shockers…

By Elizabeth Bennett