Something Weird Is Going On With Alex On Gogglebox

You may have noticed something a little odd about last Friday’s episode of Gogglebox.

More specifically, you may have noticed something a little odd about the Michael family.

In case you missed it, daughter Alex looked pretty different to usual. And it wasn’t just us who thought it – plenty of viewers did too.

This is what Alex Michael had looked like the week before


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They took to Twitter to ponder Alex’s appearance, asking whether she’d switched up her hair and make-up… or something more sinister.

But now we have an explanation! And we’re not going to lie, we’re kinda taken aback.

Yep. This is KATIE Michael. Ahhh…


It turns out there’s another Michael girl, named Katie. And when Alex isn’t available to film, she fills in. WHAAAAT?!

Alex and Katie – whose full name is Catheryne – are 18 months apart in age, but look more like twins. So we guess it makes sense.

But that doesn’t mean fans aren’t any less shocked. One Tweeted: ‘Find it so weird that Alex on Gogglebox is randomly replaced with her sister Katie now and then.’


Another wrote: ‘Oh my god just found out #gogglebox Alex is sometimes subbed by her sister…I thought she was just wearing really good contour.’

Lolz. And if that isn’t enough, there’s actually another secret member of the Michael family.

Parents Carolyn and Andrew also have son Pascal, who’s currently studying neuroscience in Aberdeen.

So. Many. Siblings!


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They’re not the only Gogglebox-ers who have hidden relatives off-screen. Betty and Mark Moffatt have daughter Ava Grace, nine, as well as 25-year-old Scarlett.

There’s also another Moffatt girl


The Malones have another son, Lee, and a daughter named Vanessa, while Sid Siddiqui has a wife and two daughters.

What can we say?! Our minds are blown.