Is Alex Cannon Hiding This *Huge* Secret From Vicky Pattison?

Is *this* the reason things didn't work out for Alex Cannon and Vicky Pattison?

For Vicky Pattison and Alex Cannon, things have been a bit confusing lately…

Over the past few weeks, Vicky had been *pretty* vocal over to the fact she thought she might have fallen in love with long term BFF and Big Brother housemate Alex Cannon.

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In fact, the 28-year-old had even gone as far to label the Judge Geordie co-star her ‘soul mate’, having confessed, ‘I’m so in love with him, man. I don’t know, I can’t work it out… we said we’d marry each other when we’re 30 and we definitely will at some point, but I’m so confused by my feelings for him’.

Always my #MCM… Unbelievable lad and the best friend anyone could ask for… @alexcannon247 ??????

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However, since leaving Big Brother, Vicky had instead decided she isn’t actually in love with Alex- telling The Radio One Breakfast Show, ‘Turns out I don’t really love him. He’s so amazing, he’s so brilliant… I think we’ve friend-zoned each other, it’s mutual’.

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Since confessing her change in mind, however, a spanner has been thrown well and truly into the works… Because, is Alex Cannon a dad?!

Before everyone starts panicking, the reports are entirely unconfirmed. However, there *is* some talk of Alex having become a father just before he entered the Big Brother house.

According to The Sun, Alex is no longer with the baby’s mother – however he wants to ‘play an active role in the child’s upbringing’.

A friend of Alex has reportedly shared: ‘Alex wanted to keep his family life private, which is why is didn’t go public about being a dad on the show. He told a few housemates in private but it wasn’t picked up by viewers as he was talking in code’.

The friend continues: ‘He wants to be a great dad and has a good relationship with the baby’s mum’ before adding ‘Becoming a dad was a reason why he held back taking his romance with Evelyn to the next level’.

If the reports are to be believed, perhaps a baby is the reason things didn’t work out for Alex and Vicky? Either way, we hope Vicky is okay.

Alice Perry