Love Island’s Alex Bowen Shares His Biggest Tattoo Regret

The reality star is covered in them, but it seems he isn't happy with them all...

It’s no secret that Love Island’s Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland have had a fast developing relationship.

Since meeting on the ITV2 reality show earlier this year, the couple have already moved in together and provide us with #RelationshipGoals on a daily basis.

They’ve since taken it to the next level by committing to a permanent display of dedication…

Yup. They got matching tattoos.

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Now Alex has revealed how he really feels about his inkings – including his biggest tattoo regret… Eeek!

Speaking to The Clothes Show, Alex admitted, ‘I’m crazy about tattoos and I love my ink and I hope one day I can get covered from head to toe’.

Thats a pretty big commitment, but we’ve no doubt that Alex could definitely pull it off!

Now, the one thing everyone probably wonders about when considering a tattoos is how much they hurt. But Alex says that it’s not as bad as you might think…

He said, ‘The first time I sat in the chair when I was getting my first tattoo obviously I was a bit nervous, then when you get used to it the pain is actually quite a nice pain.’

Hmm. We’re not so sure about that, Al.

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The majority of Alex’s tattoos are inspired by music, and he also has a clock with his date and time of birth and flowers across his stomach.

He revealed that his favourite tattoos are the lion on his hand and his matching tattoo with girlfriend Olivia.

Too. Cute.

He said, ‘My favourite tattoo is the lion that I’ve got on my hand, when I was on Love Island my mum found out that I had the hand tattoo of the lion, the last week before the final the parents had to come into Love Island and she came in and saw my tattoo, the first thing she did was grab my hand and said “what have you done that for?” and I knew I was in trouble.’


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He also said ‘This is a King of Hearts, Olivia my girlfriend has got a Queen of Hearts on her arm so it’s like King and Queen, that’s like a his and hers tattoo.’

But Alex has some regrets, and has even had cover-ups in the past…

The reality star admitted: ‘The tattoo on my right arm right at the top, that was a cover up of a tribal tattoo which I regretted straight away.

‘Don’t pick a tattoo because it’s in fashion, five six years ago I had a tribal tattoo and I’ve since regretted it and I’ve had to get it covered up, so don’t make the same mistake I did and get a tattoo just because it’s in fashion.’

Wise words.

We can’t wait to see the next steps in Alex’s tattoo journey.

By Catherine Delves