Love Island’s Alex Bowen Hits Out At Olivia Attwood On Twitter

Last year's runner-up definitely wasn't holding anything back...

Former Love Island runner-up Alex Bowen took to Twitter last night to slam controversial contestant Olivia Attwood.

Olivia recently caused a stir in the villa after she ditched Sam Gowland (who’s now with Montana) for new lad Chris (who was pretty unpopular at the time). Then she ditched Chris for newer lad Mike (who turned a lot of heads when he arrived), whilst still having secret smooches with Chris and the occasional cuddle with Sam.

Keeping up?

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Olivia Chris

Olivia and Chris were getting closer before new lad Mike entered the villa

And Birmingham boy Bowen has had his say about the messy situation on social media: ‘Don’t like chris or OliviaΒ πŸ˜‚ Mike get yourself a new flame when she walks in f*** them pair of helmets off’.

Ooft! Alex isn’t shy, is he?

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He then went on to criticise the contestants for their tactics: ‘Too many game players this year just enjoy your time and be natural and honest you won’t get this opportunity again #loveisland’.

He had also commented on the bizarre love triangle the previous night: ‘How is Mike a mug πŸ˜‚ can’t stand Chris man… Mike has been just been honest chris you are bothered kid πŸ˜‚’.

Catching up on the weekends’ gossip, the ex-Islander summarised: ‘Finally caught up on this weekends #loveisland..Chloe’s a s*** stirrer Olivia’s horrible Chris is bein knocked down a peg n mikes a Geeza [sic]’.

And the soon-to-be-Mrs-Bowen, Olivia Buckland, also shared her opinions on Twitter.

After last night’s juicy ep, Olivia took to her own account.

‘Bare dramzzzz surrounding Olivia. Game player level 10000. #loveisland throw in a beauty for Mike and let’s see the tables turn!’ she suggested.

The engaged couple also had their say on another blonde bombshell in the villa, Chloe, in a recent interview with MTV.

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‘I don’t like Chloe anyway, for obvious reasons,’ Alex admitted.

‘But you can just tell, and the cameras don’t lie, people are going to see what she really is.’

Big ol' sea and this little fishy is just for me. β€πŸ’πŸ’‹

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Olivia agreed: ‘I think she’s snaky. I don’t really enjoy Chloe and the way she talks about people. I think she goes behind the girls’ backs and they don’t even realise.’

We guess that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and that’s the beauty of Love Island.

Keep it coming!

By Emily Jefferies