Alesha Dixon Scores A LOOK Hat Trick At The LOOK Show!

Alesha Dixon stormed the catwalk at the LOOK Show today, putting on an amazing performance during the interval.

We caught up with her after the show and she was buzzing after the performance, finishing her set with the classic Scandalous!

Alesha told us she had a great time:

“Performing today was just brilliant, this year I’ve done a LOOK shoot, a cover and now performed at The LOOK Show so I guess you could call it a Look magazine hat trick. 

“I was really nervous before, but the crowd was superb. I was trying to strut as best I could as I sang down that catwalk!”

Mark Wright in particular looked pretty happy to be singled out as she was singing, as did Keisha Buchanan. Love it! 

Stay tuned for more coverage of the #LOOKShow online today, on Twitter at @LOOKMagazine, and in Tuesday’s issue of the mag! BS