The Supermarket Tampon Brand You Might Want To Avoid

If you’re a user of tampons, one girl’s experience is probably about to seriously freak you out. 

After using a tampon which she’d bought from a local supermarket, teenager Lauren Richardson found herself in quite a lot of discomfort.

Naturally, the 19-year-old went to remove it minutes later, and she claims that she discovered that it had ripped whilst inside her. Yikes.

She then decided to test out the rest of the box of the Aldi brand tampons using water, to see if the same thing would happen to the rest of them.

She filmed the experiment, showing that they quickly fell apart. Lauren explained, ‘I opened another one to see if they were the same and all the ones I opened literally fell apart in my hands – fibres were coming off them.’

‘After that we left some of them in a glass of water to see what would happen and they completely disintegrated, turning to cotton wool, without us even touching them.’ 

According to, she went on, ‘I can’t believe how bad these tampons are – when I discovered it I was really shocked. I could have been at risk of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome… 

‘It is awful that a product could be sold when there is a clear risk to health, I couldn’t believe it.’


Aldi have since issued a response to the Independent, saying, ‘All of our feminine hygiene products are tested rigorously prior to going on sale. We have apologised to Ms Richardson and have asked her to return the product to store so we can investigate this issue as a matter of urgency. We have also offered her a full refund.’

Nurse Practitioner Lola Pellegrino gave her opinion to, who said, ‘Anything left inside the vagina for too long can come apart. From everything in this video, it looks like that it did in fact come apart, but it’s a tampon in a vessel of water, not a vagina – so do keep that in mind.’

She added, ‘So, I’m not sure how replicable that situation is. But of course, nothing is impossible or unthinkable… Stick to the directions on the tampon box, including the maximum hours you’re allowed to leave one in, and if you suspect that something’s been left in there, do a good sweep.’

Gynecologist Dr. Georgiou also spoke to the website about Lauren’s worry of toxic shock syndrome.

She explained, ‘I think that any retained foreign body… first usually causes things like discomfort, discharge, or odor, but there’s always a risk of multiplying bacteria that could cause Toxic Shock.

‘It’s definitely more common with foreign bodies like tampons. But really, a whole tampon could have the same risk when it’s retained, when someone forgets about it, or when someone leaves it in for a really long time.’ 

Take care when using your sanitary products ladies, and if you feel any discomfort or notice anything odd, be sure to consult a doctor.