So We’re Really Excited About The New Aladdin Film

It’s a flashback to the ’90s for Disney fans, who awoke to some pretty epic news this morning. And we’re totally part of that gang. 

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Aladdin is set to become the latest movie from the classic series to be given the live-action treatment. According to reports, the new movie will be centred around the Genie’s story, also revealing the background of how he became trapped in the magic lamp in the first place.



We’ve never really given that much thought before, but now we’ve been teased, we don’t know how we ever functioned without that information. 

It’s safe to say, we can’t wait. 

The Arabian tale had been around long before Disney penned the cartoon’s characters in 1992, but as with most of their re-spun traditional fairytale stories, they created something iconic that touched an audience of millions. 

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The news is tinged with some sadness though, as Robin Williams, who gave life to the original Genie character in the animated film, tragically passed away almost a year ago. His side-splitting comedy and larger-than-life on-screen character was the perfect match for the original Genie. 

Now a new actor will fill these shoes for the live-action blockbuster. And we’re also pondering on which two leads will take on the faces of Princess Jasmine and Aladdin himself.



And little Abu? Oh my. We’ve got tingles. 

This is the latest in a string of live-action re-makes of Disney hits, with Cinderella sweeping through the nation’s cinemas, and Beauty And The Beast, starring Emma Watson, on the way. 

Rumour has it that Pinocchio is also in the early stages of discussion – how immense would that be? – and there’s still a buzz surrounding an under-the-sea casting of Little Mermaid. 

It’s Disney-mania at its finest. 

By Laura Jane Turner