Adult Braces: Our Guide

Adult braces are more common than ever before, in fact, 1,500 adults began orthodontic treatment in the past year alone – and it’s on the rise. And now there are more options than ever before – forget the head gear, train tracks and elastics of your teenage years and take a look at invisible braces, clear braces, hidden braces and lingual. But which one is best for you? We spoke to Dr Sameer Patel from Elleven Dental and got the LOOK team’s advice on what the best adult braces are for you…


Adult Braces: Gwen Stefani would probably get clear braces if she could now Adult Braces: Gwen Stefani would probably get clear braces if she could now


Adult Braces: The Different Types


Clear Fixed Braces

These are like the classic traditonal fixed braces, but with a make over. By using clear bracket and white wires that  blend in with your tooth colour, meaning that the braces are nearly invisible. They work in exactly the same way as traditional metal braces and are just as efficient in straightening your teeth while affording you that level of subtlety and anonymity.

Adult Braces Adult Braces


Damon Braces

These are similiar to fixed braces but the innovative new method is said to move teeth faster and more comfortable than the traditional kind. The way they are designed allows them to tighten on their own meaning less trips to the orthodontist (with fixed braces you tend to have to go every six weeks for tightening.)

Adult Braces: Lingual Adult Braces: Lingual


Lingual Braces

The ultimate secret brace. Lingual braces are attached to the back of the teeth so are hidden. Don’t be put off thinking it must take hours of elaborate measures to fit them to the back of your teeth because actually it remains a straightforward procedure requiring only two trips to the Orthodontist to fit the braces. Miley Cyrus was said to have used lingual braces.

Adult Braces: Invisalign Adult Braces: Invisalign


Invisalign Braces

Invisalign are practically unnoticeable with a number of clear aligners which replace the brackets and wires involved with traditional braces. Making use of 3D technology the Invisalign aligners are made to sit snugly to each individual’s teeth and are removable. You have to take them out when you’re eating. Khloe Kardashian wore Invisalign in May 2013 and Mark Wright had them fitted before his wedding to Michelle Keegan.

Mark Wright Mark Wright


The LOOK Team’s Experiences With Adult Braces

Catriona Innes, Deputy Features and Entertainment Editor

“I have clear fixed braces on my top teeth, and fixed braces on my bottom (as you can’t see my bottom teeth when I smile) to correct my teeth which are quite buck and have gaps. When I first got them they felt sore and tight and also massive in my mouth, I thought I’d never get used to them! It was also really hard to eat for about a week, and I could only have soft foods. But after about a fortnight I got used to them, I wouldn’t say I don’t notice they are there any more – but they just feel part of my teeth now. Because they are white and match my teeth people do barely notice them, but it does mean I have to keep away from any foods that might stain them (bye bye curry and red wine!) They are sore when they get tightened (every six weeks) and you have to be really up on your brushing and keep in with your regular dentist as it is a lot harder to brush your teeth. But it’s been amazing just how quickly they’ve got to work. The gap on my front teeth has completely closed up and my bottom teeth which were crooked have straightened out. It makes it all worth it.

Victoria Adegboyega, Senior Picture Researcher

“I have Invisalign braces, which means you can’t see them but I have to take them out when I eat, which can be a pain. Also at first I was really paranoid I was speaking differently, so even though you couldn’t see them, I told all my friends anyway. It turned out they hadn’t noticed and it was all in my head!”