Want To See That Time Adele Got Her Twerk On?

Adele never has any trouble wowing the crowds, but last night at London’s O2 arena, she gave her fans a little something extra…

Yep, the 27-year-old had her very own Miley Cyrus moment when she accidentally found herself twerking on stage, much to the delight of the audience.

Caught on a fan video, Adele is seen pulling a cheeky bum wiggling dance move out of the bag during one of her songs, before stopping and gasping: ‘I think I just twerked!’



The British star then appeared to be so exciting about her new twerking skills that she decided to give it another go as fans cheered her on.

Bending down again for another bum wiggle, Adele then burst into laughter as she shouted: ‘My bum could break my back it’s so enormous!’ 

Oh, ADELE. That is so far from true it’s not even funny. In fact, we reckon her rump is pretty damn sexy after seeing those moves.


The singer also recently blasted claims that she was ‘too boring’ to headline Glastonbury this year.

In her signature straight-talking manner, she told the O2 crowd: ‘I’m actually more excited than I was now because of all those rock and punk fans have been having a moan that I’m doing it, and I’m like: “You’re going to get dragged along by your wife, so just deal with it”.

‘To be honest, those people moaning about it, I’ve probably been more times than them anyway, so shut up.’