Have You Noticed *This* About Adele’s Tour Dress?

Have you noticed anything different about Adele’s tour wardrobe? We mean, a little unusual?

As we all know, the Hello songstress is currently wowing the crowds around the UK as she kills it night after night on her Adele Live 2016 world tour.

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But if you follow her on Instagram like we do, you’ll have clocked that dress. THAT Burberry dress (you know the one).

Long sleeved, sequinned and super flattering, this floor-length frock was custom-made by Burberry CEO Christopher Bailey for Adele to wear on tour.

But did you notice that it’s the only thing she’s been wearing? Yep, unlike her fellow superstar songstresses Beyonce, J Lo and Rihanna, who manage to fit in around 10-12 costume changes a night, it looks like Adele’s only going to be wearing one dress for her whole entire tour.



Shunning the conventional costume change in favour of one gorgeous, shimmering, floral sequinned Burbs frock, Adele is proving once again that she’s a low-maintenance kind of girl. Because when has this EVER happened?!

At least she choose a goodun to wear for those 100 stops, though.

‘It is a huge privilege to work with Adele,’ Bailey wrote in a statement about the already famous tour dress. ‘She is an incredible artist who I admire enormously for her approach to life, her sense of fun, her innate style and her massively powerful and moving voice and performance.’

And that’s the point. Who needs fancy outfits when all we’re swooning over is that voice? Sometimes, simple really is best.