Adele’s Son Gets Injured By Fireworks At Her Tour Rehearsal

The 28-year-old singer scraps pyrotechnics after a terrifying accident in Perth, Australia

Adele cancelled a firework display on the first night of her Australian tour last night, after her son Angelo was injured during rehearsals.

The singer said the four-year-old was ‘very upset’ by the accident, which happened at Perth’s Domain Stadium.

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Adele performing in Perth, Australia

Adele address the crowd during her gig in Perth, Australia

As she performed for the crowd later in the day, she explained: ‘We’ve been rehearsing here and up until last night we had fireworks for you.

‘And obviously everyone likes a fireworks display. However, my son was watching in the crowd… there wasn’t much of a crowd, there was like five people.

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‘A bit of debris – it wasn’t big – but a bit of s*** went in his eye and he was very upset, so I got rid of the fireworks.’

Adele address the crowd during her gig in Perth, Australia

Adele’s performance was (obviously) still spectacular

Totally understandable, considering. But it seems Adele may reinstate the pyrotechnics at a later date.

She took a crowd poll towards the end of the show, asking to a huge roar: ‘Let’s get a cheer for fireworks if you want them.’

The London-born star got a much softer response when she added: ‘Let’s get a boo if you don’t want s*** in your eyes,’ leading her to respond: ‘Alright, we’ll do it next time.’

Adele and Simon Konecki

Adele and partner Simon Konecki welcomed Angelo in 2012

Adele and her partner Simon Konecki welcomed Angelo in 2012, and it’s clear that she’s a totally devoted mother.

When she performed her final US show last year, she hinted that she may soon be expanding her family, announcing on stage: ‘Give it up for me – I did it! I’ll see you on the other side. I’m going to have another baby!’

Aw, we hope so! And we’re sending lots of love to little Angelo.