Why Adele Has Been Kept In ‘Isolation’ During Her Tour

Adele may be surrounded by crowds of thousands on her world tour, but it’s a different story backstage.

The 27-year-old singer has revealed that she’s been forced into near-solitary confinement while on the road, in a bid to stave off any illnesses.

> Adele kicked off her world tour in Belfast last month


She told fans at London’s O2 Arena earlier this week: ‘I’ve basically been in isolation because I don’t want to get ill. I didn’t want to take a chance with my voice.

‘I’ve been taking echinacea four times a day. I’ve been on the Berocca.

‘I’m on a really strict regime. Basically, I’m living on leaves but I do get to eat pasta before the show because it gives me energy for when I get on stage.’

> Adele underwent throat surgery in 2011


Phew. What’s life without the odd bowl of pasta, eh? So why’s Adele being so careful with her health?

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Well, you may remember that back in 2011, she had to undergo throat surgery after suffering a vocal haemorrhage. Because of this, she was forced to cancel a number of live shows.

> Adele is sporting a noticeably trimmer figure


To ensure this doesn’t happen again, she’s been placed on a strict diet and imposed an alcohol ban on herself.

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But there’s one downside to her new way of living. She continued: ‘I’ve got acne. I know we all get spots but you lot ain’t got your face on a big screen like that!

> Adele’s skin looks *pretty* great to us…


‘Imagine trying to pop a spot with these nails – you’ll do more damage.’

Lolz. We’d never have guessed, lady.