Adele Tears Up As She Restarts George Michael Tribute At Grammys

'I can’t mess this up for him'

History almost repeated itself at last night’s Grammy Awards, as Adele suffered another unfortunate glitch.

The Hello singer almost broke down in tears when she was hit with sound issues during her tribute to George Michael at the LA ceremony.

Performing a slowed-down rendition of the late singer’s hit Fastlove, Adele asked to start over about 30 seconds into the performance, after clearly becoming bothered by how her first attempt was going.

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So bothered, in fact, that she dropped the F-bomb live on air.

Visibly upset, she said: ‘I know it’s live TV; I’m sorry I can’t do it again, like last year. I’m sorry for swearing. I’m sorry for starting again. Can we please start it again?’

She added: ‘I’m sorry — I can’t mess this up for him. I’m sorry, I’m sorry for swearing! I’m really sorry. Sorry.’


Cheered on by the star-studded crowd, Adele performed the song again, this time COMPLETELY nailing it.

But despite huge claps and woops when she finished, the 28-year-old (understandably) still seemed emotional, with tears welling up in her eyes.

She had plenty of support over on Twitter, with Bette Midler writing: ‘#Adele taught us all a great lesson just now. If it’s not right? START OVER AND NAIL IT! And she did. Love you, girl.’


This is the second year that Adele has faced issues with her Grammys gig. In 2016, the sound cut out midway through her rendition of All I Ask.

She later revealed that she’d cried ‘all day’ afterwards, Tweeting fans: ‘The piano mics fell on to the piano strings, that’s what the guitar sound was. It made it sound out of tune. S*** happens.


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‘Because of it though… I’m treating myself to an In-n-Out [burger]. So maybe it was worth it.’

Totally worth it.

By Jenni McKnight