Adele Forgot Her Own Lyrics Whilst Performing… Again

Oh, Adele.

This lady can do no wrong in our eyes.

Sure, she may have just forgotten her OWN lyrics whilst performing to a packed-out stadium of thousands (probably?), but she handled it like an absolute boss. And it was just so endearing.

Because, it’s Adele.

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The Hello singer is currently on tour, but while exercising those pipes, she appeared to hesitate in the middle of one of her songs.

True to form, she burst into her signature cackle (which always puts a smile on our faces) and said, simply,  ‘s*** wrong words!’

She then trailed off into a string of ‘s***, s***’, s***’.


In a video clip that’s gone viral on Twitter, the audience started laughing and cheering, so there was clearly no hard feelings and everyone probably just felt like they’d enjoyed a little bonding sesh with the superstar.

It’s not the first time that the 25 hitmaker has forgotten the words to her own song.

But we have to say, this is probably our favourite reaction…

Pure class.