Adele Finally Reveals Her Baby Son’s Name (Well, Kind Of!)

Adele has kept the details of her baby son’s birth firmly under wraps since he entered the world in October, but she’s now finally revealed what she calls the little one.

She told People magazine: “I just call him Little Peanut.” 

Aww. As far as celebrity baby names go, it’s probably the wackiest we’ve ever heard, but then it is only a nickname. The Golden Globe winner let the cute moniker slip after being grilled on her son’s real name at the awards ceremony earlier this month.

When asked what she’d named baby in her first interview since the birth, Adele initially said: “It’s too personal and intimate. I’m not ready.”

Little Peanut, as we’ll call him for now, is the star’s first baby with her fiance Simon Konecki. And while we’re loving how protective she’s being of her tot, with plenty more awards ceremonies approaching, it’s surely only a matter of time before she spills the beans on his real name. 

Anyone else secretly hoping it’s really ‘Little Peanut Konecki’? RM