Adele Explains What REALLY Happened With Chris Brown

Adele has taken to Twitter today to DENY reports that she argued with Chris Brown at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards in LA.

The singer was pictured in what looked like a heated row with the star after shooting him a disapproving stare when he failed to join in with a standing ovation for his rival Frank Ocean. 

Adele, who rarely uses Twitter, said: “Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually!”

Oh. That clears that up, then. 

Adele took home the award for Best Pop Solo Performance at the ceremony, so it seems that Chris was only congratulating the star on her win. That, or he’s got a seriously soft spot for Adele’s ballads. Could we see a collaboration between these two? 

OK, we’re just getting carried away now. As you were, guys… RM