Adele Comes Out Of Hiding For New York Music Party

Adele made her welcome return to the red carpet at the weekend for the first time since giving birth to her son when she came out of hiding to honour her label boss Rob Stringer at the UJA Music Awards luncheon in New York.

Rubbing shoulders with the likes of rapper Jay-Z, John Legend and Katy Perry‘s on/off squeeze John Mayer, the Grammy award-winning mum-of-one took a night off from looking after her little one (whose name we still don’t know! Angelo?) to attend the star-studded bash at The Pierre Hotel.

Dressed in a floor-length black dress and matching cardigan, the 25-year-old songstress took to the stage to personally hand the Columbia Records chairman the prestigious Music Visionary of the Year Award in front of the jam packed crowd.

Stringer, who signed Adele back in 2007, even thanked the Tottenham-born Someone Like You singer for her rare return to the spotlight in his acceptance speech. “Your career is defined by the people you work with”, he said. “Six years ago, that young lady [Adele] walked into our office with her manager and said, “Yeah, this’ll do,” with a cigarette in her mouth. It’s fantastic to have her here, and she doesn’t get out much!”

Welcome back to the showbiz scene, Adele. We’d missed that cackle! 

By Robyn Munson

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