Adele Is Confused For Beyoncé In Awkward Radio Interview

Whilst the world is going crazy for Adele’s spine-tingling new single, Hello, Chris Evans is probably having quite a bad day. 

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Why? Well, Adele was the subject of a pretty awkward interview on his Radio 2 show. But, she saw the funny side. 

Fresh from her big reveal at the Radio 1 studio with Nick Grimshaw, the singing sensation whizzed on over to Radio 2 HQ for a chinwag about her new material. 

During their chat, the TFI Friday presenter was left red-faced after confusing his star guest with Beyoncé.

Yes, really. You just can’t make this stuff up.

The confusion occurred when he asked the Grammy Award winner about her alter-ego, you know, Sasha Fierce.


Adele was quick to correct him, stating simply: ‘That’s Beyoncé! Sasha Fierce is Beyoncé’s alter ego and she’s now the Mrs Carter, I wish I was Sasha Fierce.’ 

Chris kicked off this hella awkward exchange with the question, ‘Don’t you have this kind of alter-ego that you pretend to become?’

Confused, the songwriter replied: ‘No, not really, I mean I chat a lot.’

But Chris pressed, after checking his interview notes: ‘No, I’ve got a name here…’

Adele must have clocked what he was getting at, as she prompted ‘Sasha Fierce?’, before correcting him.


Adele was as sassy and down-to-earth as ever, laughing the blunder off.

We’re not quite sure how that happened. But, poor Chris…