Something Went Very Wrong During Adele’s Concert

Poor Adele is no stranger to a technical problem. 

The Hello hitmaker was the talk of the Grammys after experiencing sound troubles during her performance, and it seems to have happened all over again, but this time during her concert in Birmingham over the weekend. 

Adele showed off those powerful pipes in a spine-tingling rendition of her emotional ballad All I Ask. But awkwardly, halfway through, the sound completely cut out.

We’re talking the piano, the microphone, everything.

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Like a total pro, Adele powered on through, and carried on singing regardless. In a moment of solidarity, the crowd joined in, booming the lyrics out around the stadium. It was really quite touching, really.

Everything returned to normal just as the key change came in. And all was right with the world again.

Sticking to her world-class wit, the famous songstress laughed it off at the end. She asked the crowd, ‘Why did you all start cheering mid-way through? Frightened the life out of me! I thought there was a streaker on stage…’

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Then she mused, ‘The sound went off?! The PA f***ing cut-off? Eh?’ 

She went on, ‘Well, I didn’t cut off in my ears, I could hear myself…’

‘So you guys had a private concert down the front!’ 

A fan captured the whole thing on video, so you can watch it for yourself. 

Oh Adele, we do love you…