Adele Talks Motherhood And The Inspiration Behind 25

Adele has given her first interview in years – and it’s making us feel pretty damn emotional.

The 27-year-old spoke candidly to Vice i-D about the inspiration behind her comeback album 25, which has already spawned the viral (and completely incredible) single Hello.

Adele recently described the record as a ‘make up album’ rather than a ‘break up album’. But now she’s revealed that what it’s really all about is growing up.

So after a three-year hiatus, how DID Adele end up getting back to work?

Adele Adele gets emotional in the video for Hello


She says: I do it every album. I buy a new pad, sniff it – ’cause smell is important – and then I get a big, fat sharpie and write my age on the front page. 25 has five exclamation marks after it ’cause I was like: “How the f*** did that happen?!” 21 to 25.

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‘I think the album is about trying to clear out the past. Becoming a parent and moving past my mid-twenties, I simply don’t have the capacity to worry about as many things that I used to really enjoy worrying about.

‘I used to f****** love the drama of all of it, but now I’m a mum I only have so much head space. I’ve got to clear a lot of stuff the f*** out, which is really therapeutic, ’cause I can really hold a grudge. Life is so much easier when you don’t hoard your past.’

Adele Adele’s comeback track has already gone viral


Adele and her partner Simon Konecki welcomed their son Angelo back in 2012, which totally changed her outlook on life.

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On parenthood, she muses: ‘It’s f****** hard. I thought it would be easy. “Everyone f****** does it, how hard can it be?” Ohhhhh.. I had no idea.

‘It is hard but it’s phenomenal. It’s the greatest thing I ever did. He makes me be a d***head, and he makes me feel young and there’s nothing more grounding than a kid kicking off and refusing to do what you’re asking of them.

‘It used to be that my own world revolved around me, but now it has to revolve around him.’

Adele and Simon Konecki Adele and Simon Konecki welcomed son Angelo in 2012


Despite Adele being pretty clear that 25 ISN’T about a failed relationship, there’s still speculation that it could have something to do with the ex she wrote 2011’s Someone Like You about.

But she insists: ‘That’s over and done with, thank f***. That’s been over and done with for f****** years. No, it’s not about anyone specifically. It’s about friends, ex-boyfriends, it’s about myself, it’s about my family.

‘It’s also about my fans as well. I feel like everyone thinks I’m so far away and I’m not. Everyone thinks I live in f****** America, I don’t.’

Ah, Adele. You really haven’t changed, and we LOVE you for it.