Adam Maxted Will *Not* Let People Bully His New Girlfriend

The Love Island star has gone on a *huge* rant after reading cruel comments about new lady Carly Taylor...

Adam Maxted may have only just lost his single status, but he’s already proving to be one epic boyfriend.

The 24-year-old confirmed earlier this week that he’s dating Carly Taylor, who (according to Instagram) is a dance and fitness instructor from Newcastle.

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It seems things blossomed pretty quickly between the pair. She’s captioned a snap of them together: ‘A lot can happen in a few days….’

But when you know you know, right?!

As expected, fans are thrilled for him. Comments include: ‘Happy for you, you deserve it your a good guy!’ ‘She is beautiful !! Well done,’ and: ‘Wow she’s beautiful!!! Body goals right there [sic].’

But unfortunately for the new couple, not everyone has such kind things to say. *Sigh*.

It seems the green-eyed monster is out in force, as some people have been writing some pretty cruel things about Carly on Instagram.

Obviously, this is ridiculous. And there’s no way Adam’s going to stand for it.

Fresh Monkey ???

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He’s hit back big time, posting on the site: ‘I didn’t go on Love Island to be a reality TV star or to be famous and I don’t consider myself as that.

‘I went on there as I saw it as an opportunity to further my wrestling career and to get exposure as a wrestler which I felt would benefit my career and ambitions to make it to the WWE in the future.

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‘Anyone that watched the show will know that I was true to myself and didn’t just pretend to like the girls in there just to stay on the show.

Haters gonna hate ??

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‘Now that I’m out of that environment I’ve met someone that is exactly what I’ve been looking for after staying single for so long.

‘She didn’t ask for any of this attention that comes with being with me & for people to comment negatively and degradingly about her & her appearance just shows how ugly you really are to pass judgement on someone you know nothing about.’

YAAASSS. You tell ’em, Ad. And for the record, Carly is a total stunner.